Kang Yatse II Expedition

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The itinerary is perfect for gradual acclimatization as one gains height. The Kang Yatse peak lies in the renowned Markha Valley. Most of the trek route coincides with the approach to Markha Valley. The major hamlets that pass by are Skui, Markha, Nimling, Hankar etc. All these form the impeccable portrait of small homes sheltered by the giant mountains. From arid terrains to vibrant grazing lands, from small streams to vivacious Markha river you will encounter the contrasting nature.

The trail enters Hemis National Park, that is known as a wildlife sanctuary. Snow Leopards, arghali, mountain deer etc will be spotted throughout the route. From Umlung the Kang Yatse peak comes to visibility, motivating you henceforth. The pastures of Thactungtse and Nimling are filled with colourful wildflowers. Mystic Mani stones and the refreshing Tigu lakes are the major revelations of the trek. Summit day is both gruelling and pleasurable. Kang Yatse summit ascend is filled with moraines and loose rocks. The crevasses are covered with snow most of the times, hence roping up is required. Atop shows the never-ending array of Karakoram and Zanskar range. You may also see the summit of the famous Stok Kangri and K2 peak.

Kang Yatse is the best option for those seeking a 6000-meter peak that is less crowded than Stok Kangri. This trek is recommended only to experienced trekkers. One must be well prepared physically and mentally for this trek.

BEST TIME  June to October
HIGHEST POINT The Summit 6200 meters



Day 1:

Drive Leh to Chilling and trek to Skiu


Day 2

Skui to Markha


Day 3

Markha to Thachungtse


Day 4

Thachungtse to Nimaling


Day 5

Nimaling to Base Camp


Day 6: 

Rest + training day


Day 7: 

Summit (KANG YATSE II) back to Base Camp


Day 8: 

Base Camp to Chuskirmo via Kongmaru La


Day 9: 

Chuskirmo to Chokdo & drive to Leh via Hemis Monastery

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