Ladakh Rafting Tour

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About Ladakh Rafting Tour: Ladakh Rafting Tour is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It is one day trip and provides the best opportunity to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of the spectacular landscape with deep gorges, towering snowcapped peaks, hilltop monasteries, hillside villages, and glimpses of the unique wildlife. There is mainly two Famous River for Rafting Zanskar and Indus River, About 40-50 Km long and it called one full day tour.

Ladakh Rafting Tour Zanskar: Rafting on Zanskar River is two kinds, the first from Chilling village to Nimu village and this one is most popular one in Ladakh and have slightly higher grade of 4+, The second one is full Zanskar Rivers rafting and it will be in Special packages, the full Zanskar River rafting is an ultimate game it passes through exhilarating gorge and wild waves between Karsha to Nimu Village with grade 3+to4+.

Ladakh Rafting Tour Indus: We organize the river rafting and it will be in several stretches are available. Hemis Monastery to Choglamsar village on the Indus river, a wilder stretch south of confluence of Indus River and mighty Zanskar rivers and so on are among the more popular ones. Although there are some fixed routes yet you can choose almost any stretch on the Indus depending on your appetite for adventure, budget and time. Hemis-Choglamsar Stretch is an easy one with 1-2 grade rapids meandering through the Indus. Upshi village to Kharu village is also easy at most stretch with 1-3 grade rapids in some portions. Phey village to Nimu village has a few rapids of three- four grades. Alchi village to Khalsi village in Indus and it is grade 4+.


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